Broken Key Extraction FAQ

broken key over white background with a ring

Here at Master Locksmith, one of our regularly performed services are broken key extractions. This is done in both a residential locksmith and commercial locksmith context. Here’s a guide to the most common questions that we receive regarding our expert broken key extraction services.

Do I need to replace my lock if the key broke off in it?

Usually not, as we can usually get the key pieces out of the lock efficiently and have vast experience doing so. However, sometimes in cases where amateur attempts to remove the key were made, the lock will become damaged to the point of needing to be replaced.

How long will it take to extract the broken key?

This will take under 30 minutes.

Do I have to rekey my locks?

No, unless you want to do so – when our professional team handles this operation, we ensure that the integrity of your lock will not be messed with.

Can you make me a spare key?

Absolutely. Our spare key copying and furnishing services are the top of the game, and our locksmith will be able to instantly replace and even copy one for your lock. We can do this based on the biting code of the key or lock chamber, or with the pieces of the broken key.

Can my door be opened if I connect the pieces of my broken key?

No, and we want to stress that this should never be attempted. This could result in the broken key getting further stuck inside the lock mechanism, making it much harder to remove. Once you’ve determined that your key has broken in your lock, make sure to contact an experienced expert locksmith team right away – and never place foreign objects in the lock to attempt to get the broken key pieces out, as this can cause even further unnecessary damage.

January 8th, 2018